Nicholas Swanson • Design

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is adding more health services to its product, at the same time measuring lower than expected utilization. Our project is to improve member health outcomes by incorporating new services and increasing proper conversion.


Our initial problem, found through user research during the early stages of the project, was that members don’t have a solid understanding of what Grand Rounds is, or does. Therefore, we miss out on most conversion higher in the funnel. In order to solve this, we will focus on the following goals:

  1. Educate better, earlier

  2. Identify key common paths and harness lower-intent members

  3. Guide through finding care


While the original project called for addressing the home screen, we believe that in order to best educate the member we should add an onboarding experience. Within that, we should:

  • Highlight the care team

  • Highlight key services members are likely to want to understand

  • Keep in mind that customers and member states should be be configurable to the available services


Add new providers, including non-MDs and facilities.

  • Evaluate priority of finding care for members

  • Develop thinking on search rankings and rules

  • Use smart defaults to shorten the process